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Ireland’s Luckiest Lottery Winners

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It might be a cliché to talk about the luck of the Irish, but whether it’s finding four-leaf clovers or simply being smiled on by good fortune, there have certainly been some big money winners over the years. And, with the recent announcement of another six-figure winner in the Daily Millions Prize Draw, it’s a trend that’s definitely continuing.

One of the first of the really big wins, and it really was huge, was back in 2005 when Dolores McNamara from Limerick scooped the €115 million EuroMillions jackpot. She immediately put her winnings to good use, buying all of her six children houses of their own while splashing out on a modest €3.5 million mansion in County Clare for herself.

More recently, a County Down couple, Pat and Frances Connolly, ensured a brilliant start to 2019 by also winning €115 million in EuroMillions New Year’s Day draw. The couple had a list of 50 others whose lives they also hoped to transform with some of the cash – a great New Year’s resolution if ever there was one.

Obviously, not everyone in the world has access to every lottery, but there is a way that you can bet on winning numbers and pick up prizes that closely correspond to the actual wins. It’s a form of fixed-odds betting that has no direct link with the lottery in question, which provides an alternative way to win. 

Image source: Unsplash

Another very notable traditional lottery win came in 2007 for the Cunningham family from County Cork who suddenly found themselves €16.1 million the richer. The family: mum, dad, and children Shane, Steven, Amy, Sarah, and Paul couldn’t believe the media attention that they attracted – but then it was the biggest prize ever recorded at the time. The lucky win came from a €4 Quick Pick ticket and the family said that they aimed to go on enjoying their previous happy life – just with a lot more money.

There have also been some great stories of syndicates being able to share out some very substantial winnings over the years. In 2008, a group of 16 workers from the Morrissey stone quarry in County Carlow paid €2 each for a share in a Quick Pick ticket. This went on to win them a total of €18.9 million, or around €1.2 million each. Not surprisingly, only a couple of the syndicates turned up for work the day after they’d discovered the win.

Eight years later, in 2016, it was the turn of a 22-strong group of Dublin bus drivers to celebrate when they shared €23.8 million. Unlike the quarry workers who had headed for the hills, the drivers were proud to arrive at the lottery headquarters in a convoy of buses to pick up the cheque.

Not everyone has been quite so forthcoming and there is an ever-growing list of anonymous winners including the National Lottery’s 400th ever winner who picked up €16.3 million in April 2010.

All that was revealed was that he was a man from Dublin who had invested in a €30 ticket – not a bad return by anyone’s reckoning!

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