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Man arrested after footage shows mid-flight panic as passenger opens emergency door

Video footage captured the alarming scene inside an aircraft cabin when a passenger decided to open an emergency exit door just before the plane’s landing.

Efforts were made by some individuals on the Asiana Airlines flight to prevent the person from opening the door, but eventually, it was partially opened, according to the transport ministry, reports Sky.

The recorded video displays a rush of air sweeping through the cabin, causing some passengers’ hair to whip around.

The flight, carrying 194 people, was en route from the southern island of Jeju to the southeastern city of Daegu.

Typically, the flight takes approximately one hour, and the incident occurred during the plane’s descent, at an altitude of 700ft (213m), towards Daegu airport.

The duration for which the door remained open was not disclosed.

Among the passengers were teenage athletes traveling to a track and field competition, reports Sky News.

Yonhap news agency reported that some of the athletes’ coach stated they screamed and cried in panic.

Other passengers experienced severe ear pain as a result of the door opening.

Cabin crew members urgently called for assistance from fellow passengers in their attempts to prevent the door from being fully opened, reports Sky News.

Subsequently, twelve individuals were transported to hospitals for treatment.

Emergency officials reported that they suffered minor symptoms, including breathing difficulties.

The transport ministry confirmed that the person responsible for opening the door had been apprehended. Images depicted plainclothes officers arresting the passenger.

The ministry stated that the police had taken the individual into custody and were conducting an investigation to determine whether aviation safety laws had been violated.

As of now, the motive behind the passenger’s actions remains unknown, reports Sky News.

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