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McNally: Board of Irish Water must step down


The chief spokesman representing county and city councillors has called for the board of Irish Water to step down.

The man in question the chairman of the Association of Local Government, Padraig McNally has said bonuses should have been consigned to history.

Mr McNally made his comments in a recent interview, he also believes that the public has no confidence what so ever in the board of the embattled utility.

Mr McNally said: “The board, as we now know it, has lost all confidence and respect from the public, and I think without that, they cannot hope to achieve the very very onerous task they’ve been given in terms of providing clean water,” he said. “But I think the problem really is that the cost of that water is beyond most people’s affordability.”

Meanwhile  Health Minister Leo Varadkar also had his say on the matter, he said the he believes that Irish Water had not yet won the communications campaign on the need for water charges.

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