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Olympic and Paralympic track star Pistorius arrives ahead of his trial at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria

#1 Pistorius: Oscar Pistorius walks free from court on continuing bail after being charged with the manslaughter of former model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. There were chaotic scenes outside the court building in Pretoria this morning as the so-called “Blade Runner” walked out of the premises. The athlete will be formally sentenced on October 13.

#2 Paisley: Former Democratic Unionist Party leader leader Ian Paisley dies at his home, at the age of 88. A hugely influential and divisive figure in Northern Ireland politics and beyond, Paisley leaves behind a lasting historical legacy.

#3 IMF loans: European finance ministers have agreed on a deal for Ireland’s IMF loan repayments. Though the deal has so far been agreed in principle only, it will potentially save Ireland about €375m over a period of 5 years when finalized.

#4 Mortgage wars: As the property market begins to steadily pick up, banks and other financial institutions battle each other for business, offering customers deal sweeteners like paying for home valuations and cut-price fixed rates.

#5 Surgery horror: Irish woman speaks of the horror she felt when she woke up on the operating table during C-section surgery. According to her, she became aware of “something in her mouth, taping of her eyes, draping and muffled voices.” This type of ordeal is far from isolated, as more than 300 cases were uncovered across Ireland and the UK by an study carried out by the Association of Anaesthetists in Great Britain and Ireland

#6 Scotland referendum: New poll gives the “No” side a marginal lead. A YouGov poll finds 52% plan to vote No and 48% Yes.

#7 Lotto prize: A married couple from Adare, Co. Limerick, have scooped a €350,000 lotto windfall after purchasing a €4 Quick Pick ticket in Limerick city.

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