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13-yr-old Serbian boy who shot dead eight classmates on his ‘kill list’ will be spared jail

Image source: Metro

A 13-yr-old student killed eight other students and a security guard in Serbia, according to police, and is too young to serve a prison sentence under local law, reports Metro.

Kosta Kecmanović is said to have made a “kill list” of classmates after being subjected to violent bullying at school in Belgrade.

He is said to have taken his father’s two handguns and opened fire in a classroom on Wednesday morning.

One survivor broke down in tears, telling local media: “Everyone started screaming, there was a general panic, and everyone started running. When I came out I saw him, he came and pointed a gun at all of us,” reports Metro.

The death toll includes seven girls, one boy and the school guard and could rise more as six other students and a teacher were seriously injured.

According to local investigators, Kecmanović was also armed with two petrol bombs but they were never used.

After the bath was over, he called the police and told them he was “a psychopath who needs to calm down” said senior police officer Veselin Milic, reports Metro.

The head of the city council said that Mr. Vlahović, the murdered security guard, tried to “prevent the tragedy and he was the first victim,” reports Metro.

Two of the six injured children are in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the neck and head.

Teacher Tatjana Stevanović is also said to be in critical condition after being shot in the stomach and hands.

It is unclear whether Kecmanović’s victims or those he planned to kill were the same students who bullied him.

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