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#1 Pistorius: Reeva’s family voice their anger and disappointment at manslaughter charge. The former model’s parents express their ‘disbelief’ at the verdict.

#2 Aurora Borealis: Ireland may get a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights tonight. A huge explosion in the sun occurred last Wednesday evening, and it sent an enormous radiation cloud hurtling towards Earth. If the skies are clear, the dazzling light show may be visible tonight and tomorrow night.

#3 Gardai: Drunken man found asleep in the maternity unit at Portlaoise hospital. The man, who was carrying a dead rabbit in his pocket, walked into the ward unnoticed and fell asleep on one of the beds. He was later spotted by a nurse and Gardai were called.

#4 Contraband: Five million smuggled cigarettes intercepted at Rosslare port. The illegal goods, with an estimated street value of about 2.4 million euro, were concealed in large containers labelled ‘thermal storage tanks.’

#5 HSE: Hundreds of retired HSE staff who are already on a very generous pension were paid 8.4 million to return to work at a time when young graduates were forced to emigrate. In total, 514 retirees were rehired.

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