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16% rise in contacts to Women’s Aid support services over the last year

The number of contacts with women’s help support services increased by 16% last year.

The organization, which works to prevent and combat the effects of domestic violence and abuse, received 31,229 contacts last year.

Aid workers heard about 34,000 reports of domestic violence against women and children, reports RTE.

Abuses included coercive control, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and economic control.

According to Femicide Watch, 12 women were brutally murdered last year.

Five more women have lost their lives in the country so far this year.

The Women’s Aid 2022 Annual Report highlights that beyond the horrific and often long-lasting effects of violence, victims of domestic violence face many challenges, reports RTE.

According to the report, the negative impact of inflation on family income, especially in terms of intentional economic abuse, is exacerbated by the dire and dire situation of thousands of women and children across the country.

Women’s Aid said the reforms promised in the government’s third national strategy on domestic, sexual and gender-based violence “cannot come fast enough” and must be properly funded to avoid failure.

CEO Sarah Benson said last year that women told support services that partners or ex-partners were subjecting them to widespread and violent abuse.

Ms Benson said: “Women reported assaults with weapons; constant surveillance and monitoring, relentless put downs and humiliations, the taking and sharing of intimate images online, complete control over all family finances, sexual assault, rape and being threatened with theirs or their children’s lives. The impacts on these women were chilling and ranged from exhaustion, isolation, and hopelessness, to being brutalised and wounded, suffering miscarriages, poverty, feeling a loss of identity and suicide ideation, hypervigilance; and homelessness,” reports RTE.

Children, including infants, are harmed by perpetrators when they attack their mothers; sexual assault and harassment; witnessing domestic violence against the mother; Children are forced to have follow-up visits with an abusive father; Deliberate destruction of the mother-child bond by the perpetrator; Older children are abused by their fathers through technology.

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