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18-yr-old girl with ‘heart of gold’ dies just a week after recovering from cancer

Image source: GoFundMe

A fearless teenager tragically died just one week after beating cancer.

Molly Hinchcliffe, 18, fell ill with an infection as a result of her immune system being compromised after successfully completing chemotherapy, reports The Mirror.

The Mirror said the UK native had developed sepsis, which subsequently caused her organs to shut down, a good friend of hers explained.

Molly, from Batley, West Yorkshire, died in hospital, in her company and surrounded by her loving and heartbroken family. She was described by friend Courtney Thompson as a “beautiful angel” with a “heart of gold”, reports The Mirror.

Describing on the GoFundMe page seeking funds for Molly’s funeral, Ms Thompson revealed that Molly had just battled cancer.

“She finished her last round of chemo and has been poorly due to her immune system being low, she then caught sepsis and her organs gave up on her. Myself and Molly’s family and my family would appreciate the help to raise money for her funeral,” she said on the crowdfunding website, reports The Mirror.

She also spoke constantly about her family and that she loved her siblings, her older brother and two younger sisters, who adored her very much.

“She was also worried about her little sisters losing her big sister one day,” she said, reports The Mirror.

The 18-year-old girl will be deeply missed by her boyfriend.

Courtney said: “She always told me how he made her feel special and how much she loved that boy,” reports The Mirror.

One friend described Molly as “the most caring and beautiful soul” while another said: “Dewsbury Moor lost one of the most loved, sweetest most caring girls that graced this earth,” reports The Mirror.

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