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28-yr-old man gets charged after two men are set alight in England

A 28-yr-old man has been placed in custody on charges of attempting to kill two elderly men who were set on fire after leaving mosques in Birmingham and London, reports RTE.

Mohammed Abbkr, of Gillott Road, Edgbaston in Birmingham, appeared before the City Magistrates’ Court.

He is accused of drug spraying and setting fire to two people in London on February 27 and in Birmingham on Monday.

Mohammed Rayaz, 70, was set on fire as he walked home from the Dudley Road mosque in Birmingham’s Edgbaston area at around 7pm on Monday. He remains in hospital with serious injuries, reports RTE.

The suspect was arrested in the Dudley Road area on Tuesday on suspicion of attempting to kill Mr Rayaz.

He was later arrested on suspicion of the same offense in relation to an 82-year-old man who suffered severe burns to his face and hands near an Islamic center in Ealing, west London, reports RTE.

The five-minute hearing revealed that Abbkr, originally from Sudan, was accused of attempting to kill Odowa and Rayaz.

Mr Abbkr, whose lawyer appeared in court via video link, gave no indication of the reason and no bail application was filed on his behalf.

He was held in custody until a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court on 20 April, reports RTE.

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