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69 weeks: Tanaiste thinks general election will happen in March 2016



Despite a general feeling among the Coalition shrinking ranks that the Government is quite rapidly heading down the Titanic way over the water charges issue, the Tanaiste and Labour leader has boldly stated during a speech to the Labour youth today that she ‘intends to see out the full term of this Government.’

Addressing the youth wing in Galway this evening, she said that it would be ‘too easy’ to walk away from the Government.

By her reckoning, the Coalition still have 69 more weeks to go before its inevitable end.

‘There is so much more to do, and less and less time in which to do it,’ she added.

’69 weeks until we go back to the people, look them squarely in the eye, and ask them to pass judgment on our record as a party of Government,’ were the Tanaiste’s words.

During her speech, she also proudly mentioned Labour’s achievements of adding a whooping €5 euro to the Children Allowance, and the partial restoration of the Christmas Bonus for social welfare recipients.

Strikingly enough, the issue which is causing the disintegration of the Coalition was conspicuously absent from the Tanaiste’s speech.

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