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#1 ECB cuts interest rates to an historically low 0.05%.

#2 65-year-old woman beheaded in back garden of a North London borough. 25-year-old man arrested in connection with the incident.

#3 57-year-old father of 5 tragically dies in Clare farm accident.

#4 Two female private investigators accused of fraudulently obtaining sensitive personal information and passing it on to Credit Unions.

#5 David Cameron puts forward arguments to support possible British airstrikes on IS forces.

#6 Adare Manor, a County Limerick luxury hotel and golf resort up for sale for 25m.

#7 “Crazy crow” on the rampage in Louth village.The flying menace uses wings to tap on people’s windows, perches itself on top of cars, and has become a general nuisance to residents.

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