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February 16, 2019

A city comes together – Manchester residents rally together to help their fellow man in their darkest hours

The city of Manchester has rallied together in the past 36 hours as people from across the city joined together to offer their help to the victims and families of Monday night’s horrific attack.

A city that is deep in mourning showed great courage as emergency personnel, local workers and shocked and upset residents came as a whole and stood with one another over the traumatic two day period to offer assistance to their fellow man in their darkest hour.

The city which was plunged into darkness showed great resolve as police, paramedics and hospital staff worked through the long hours to take care of the deceased and the wounded along with their families in their time of need.

Workers and residents who were saddened on a night which was supposed to be joyous occasion for many young people and their families also showed their community spirit as they rallied together to take care of stranded residents.

In a city that is renowned for its culture the people of Manchester really showed their humanitarian side as they offered what they could to those who needed it the most with shops, hotels and local business housing distraught individuals who were in fear for their lives.

Many residents who deeply affected by the tragic events that claimed many innocent lives also offered their support by organising fundraisers and contributing donations of all sorts from flowers to sweets to children and families at all six hospitals in the greater Manchester region.

However it was not just Manchester who came together as concerned individuals from surrounding regions such as Liverpool also have their support by coming down to the city and offering their valuable services to those who were caught up in the tragedy.

Although no one will ever forget what happened to all those killed or injured in Monday’s devastating attack, the city of Manchester along with rest of the UK and even the world showed great heart and love in a time of horror and despair.

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