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A group of anti-water charge protesters could be sent to jail


A group of anti-water charge protesters in North Dublin could be sent to jail.

A company who was employed to install water meters are understood to be bringing attachment and committal proceedings against seven demonstrators this Thursday for allegedly obstructing the works.
Although anti-water charge protesters have appeared in court prepared to give undertakings not to harass, intimidate or endanger workers installing water meters in North Dublin.

However the company behind the installations GMC Siera, have said that is not enough and that they were looking for a court order directing demonstrators not to obstruct the works in any way.

Mr Justice Max Barrett had refused the order, but he said he was not going to order the protesters “not to do what they ought not to do anyway”, but he did tell them that they must abide by the law.

The group of protesters could be jailed or fined on Thursday as GMC Siera is taking further action against them.

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