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A “headless child’s body” found on popular Spanish beach

Image source: Le Monde

Police are investigating the discovery of the body of a ‘headless’ child on Costa Beach.

The remains of the child, believed to be between two and three years old, were discovered early Tuesday morning on a beach in the Costa Dorada resort of Roda de Berra in the province of Tarragona on the east coast, reports Breaking News.

A municipal cleaner found him and alerted his bosses, who called the police.

The body of the child, who is missing his head along with other body parts and was believed to have been washed ashore from the water, is believed to be in a state of decomposition.

Civil Guard officers cordoned off the area and evacuated residents and tourists to other areas in Bali before the investigating judge authorized the removal of the bodies.

Local media quoted the mayor of Rod de Berra, Pere Virgili, as saying the young man may have been on a migrant boat that sank in the Mediterranean Sea.

The City Hall tweeted: We inform you that this morning the body of a two to three-year-old child was found on the shoreline on the Costa Dorada beach. The area is cordoned off and officials are waiting for the judge to authorise the removal of the body. We ask the public to avoid the area,” reports Breaking News.

Roda de Bera is a 25-minute drive north of Tarragona. Barcelona is just an hour’s drive north.

The city, well known for its Roman arches, was mainly agricultural until the second half of the 20th century, when it became an important tourist destination on the Costa Dorada.

The Civil Guard, which is investigating, has not yet issued an official comment.

A Civil Guard spokesman said: “All we can confirm at the moment is that the body of a baby has been found at Roda de Bera beach in the province of Tarragona. The alarm was raised at 8.50am on Tuesday morning. The matter is still under investigation,” reports Breaking News.

It is understood that some of the first people to discover human remains initially thought they were looking at the doll due to the decomposition of the body and did not contact the police.

Upon the arrival of the Civil Guard officers, it was confirmed that it was the body of a child. After court approval, the remains were removed around 11:30 a.m. local time.

An autopsy will be performed in the next few hours to determine the cause of death.

The investigation is led by a judge from the nearby town of El Vendrell.

A court spokesman said: “A court of instruction, Court of Instruction number 7 in El Vendrell which is acting as a duty court, has today authorised the removal of a body found on a beach in Roda de Bera. The judge has opened the corresponding inquiry and is awaiting receipt of the corresponding forensic and police reports. We do not have any extra information we can make public at this moment in time,” reports Breaking News.


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