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A-list British Pop Star’s identity is released online over teen rape probe

Accused: The legendary singer cannot be named for legal reasons

A Legendary British Pop Star is said to be petrified, after his identify was named online in relation to an alleged teen rape in the 1970’s.

The victim, 14 at the time and now in her 50’s, has come forward via a video naming the icon as her attacker and describing her horrifying rape ordeal. The video has been viewed thousands of times.

According to The Sun newspaper, the singer who cannot be named for legal reasons, has not been charged with any offence and is “petrified” that the allegations will destroy his reputation.

The allegations date back to the height of the singer’s career in the 1970’s after one of his concerts.

It is alleged the singer picked the young girl from the crowd and took her back to his hotel where he plied her with champagne.

The victim told The Sun that she had never even kissed a boy before and she had been confused at the star’s face as he was “probably climaxing”.

She had recounted pain and recalled noticing bruises all over her body following the attack. She stated that the attack has affected her whole life since.

Police are looking into the allegations, which had initially been sent to Scotland Yard in 2013, but dismissed as they were out of the jurisdiction.

Following a request to re-open the case, a new prosecutor and investigating officer have been assigned.

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