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A week of unnecessary flooding


The Southern half of the county sees many home-owners and businesses trying to come to terms with the horrendous weather they have encountered this week. The damage caused is going to run into the millions, and with no assurance from Minister Phil Hogan that properly flood-proof measures will be enforced for another few years, their moral has taking a severe beating as well.

Cork and Limerick city say the worst flooding with the River Lee bursting its banks and engulfing homes and businesses in both counties. Sandbags were a must, but Cork Co. Council left what can only be described as a free-for-all of sandbags in the city centre. So many questions were raised about where the rates that the shopkeepers pay each year are actually going to? Where is the service in return? Numerous business owners were up in arms when they realised how few sandbags had actually been delivered and how many they were going to be short in order to keep their businesses dry.

ESB crews worked steadily to get up to as many as 10,000 properties restored with electricity. A government emergency fund of €10 million has been raised to €15 million and will offer help and relief to home-owners and businesses, primarily in the South of the country.

With as bad if not worse weather forecast for the coming weekend and next week, how on earth have the government the neck to sort out these recurring flood problems once and for all? Half their massive pensions and put the public’s money to this good use.

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