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February : A detox review or a chance to say ‘Yes!’?


January came and with vengeance as always we sign up for new projects, detox, health and fitness plans but these weren’t going to be resolutions doomed for failure these would be different. Or not?

So as February lands are you reviewing your many excuses over the past month? It started with all the goodies that were left from Christmas, which couldn’t go to waste. Then there was the muscle pain caused by the body’s sudden panic at facing exercise. Have you faced guilt after failing your planned lifestyle renovations?
 So for February can we not make resolutions but achievements?
Will you start a book club, finish knitting a scarf, sign up to swim the Lee or jump in a lake or will you book your holidays and countdown to something completely different? Will you make a donation to charity or give time and help www.onepercentdifference.ie? Or pick up the phone and reconnect with someone without Facebook and make a difference that goes beyond January?

Can you challenge yourself to push against the negative and embrace opportunities for February? Will you sign up for a 5k which would be unthinkable before and finish it, just to have achieved it. Regardless of speed and fitness. The www.runireland.com site has many options to suit lots of fitness levels.
So, I challenge you to face February and make this a month, not for resolutions , but for taking opportunities. When the chance comes to say ‘yes’ to do so a little quicker. Sometimes being positive might mean being refreshed without the dreaded detox. Say yes to going for a walk, to spending time at play and review the positive. For the year ahead can you plan each month to make next January a bit less gloomy and guilt free?
Anyone else up for the ‘say yes more’ monthly challenge?
Guest Author – C. O Caoimh
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