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Abortion debate re-opens in Poland after a Down Syndrome baby born alive during an abortion dies unaided screaming for an hour

Yet again, Poland sees a national abortion debate re-open after the story about a horrific botched abortion goes viral.

Two botched attempts at aborting a baby in Warsaw, Poland on March 7th in 2016 lead to the baby being born alive and screaming and struggling to live unaided for one hour.

Witnesses say the incident was “horrific” and that the baby was visibly in agony but that personnel didn’t help the infant in any way and left this child on a tray to die.

The child died just one hour after being born and Polish media eventually got hold of the disgraceful revelations and the story quickly went viral.

A major national debate on abortion broke out with calls for all abortions to be banned but it’s understood that campaigns from George Soros organised once again shut down debate.

However, the horrific story has again re-opened a national abortion debate in Poland over the past week – perhaps because of Ireland’s abortion upcoming abortion referendum on Friday.

Anna Wiejak, the Polish reporter who broke the story and who is a member of the SOS Foundation to Save Unborn Children, said it was utterly horrific. She said:
“The screams of this child were so traumatic for the personnel that they declared that they will never forget it”, “Some say they will leave their job as a result”.

One of the medical staff was so shocked by the encounter that they themselves went to the Polish media with the story.

Spokeswoman for the hospital where the tragic ordeal happened, Dorota Jaslowska-Niemyska said:
“Tests on the unborn child showed it had Downs Syndrome.”

The spokeswoman refused to answer questions as to why the baby was not assisted once it was alive.

As a result of the initial publicity, uproar occurred on Polish social media and many people are calling for a referendum to revoke abortion laws in the country. Politicians have voiced their concerns with one claiming they will have to hold a referendum. A national debate on abortion has now been re-opened as a result and a referendum is now looking likely.

A Polish poet released the following poem in relation to the tragedy:
Slaughter of the innocence.
A referendum on abortion is the issue now in hand If passed, the baby can murdered by the mother on demand.
The baby is within her womb, delighted to be there but she can kill at any time and say she does not care.
The reason for the murder can be grave or very small. It can be inconvenience or maybe none at all.
The mother is free, the baby is dead.
It was not very nice but then she tells herself and us “this is a woman’s choice”.
The baby seems to have no say, it cannot shout out “NO”, for babies in their mother’s womb are babies on death row.
The women’s liberation group refer the slaughter house to a human being called “woman” – she should be called a mouse.
No that’s unfair, we can’t compare these species just like that.
The only threat to unborn mice is that of Mr. Cat.
In Hitler’s Day, a group like this is called the Gestapo, but many Jews escaped this lot and had a place to go.
The unborn babe, unlike the Jew, has no chance of reprieve.
The mothers who will kill them just prove there was an EVE.
But God is up above us all and when they’re old and grey, these mothers have to face Him, I wonder what they’ll say?

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