Activists get dragged from famous restaurant after protest

Activists get dragged from famous restaurant after protest

Eight people attacked Nusr-Et, in Knightsbridge, made famous by ‘Salt Bae’.

The Turkish chef has gone viral for his wacky method of garnishing steak with salt.

Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, has since enjoyed success in various restaurants around the world, including Nusr-Et in London.

It has drawn attention for its pricey menu items, including a “golden tomahawk” steak encrusted with 24-karat gold leaf.

Tonight Animal Rebellion sent a group to organize a sit-in protest at the spit.

Activists had been seen occupying tables reserved for customers and holding up “mock menus” outlining the group’s top requests stylized as starter, main course and dessert.

A video posted by the campaign group shows a member of the group finishing the installation.

A loud noise is heard inside the steakhouse as staff happily greet the activist.

Student Ben Thomas, 20, said: “Restaurants like these are symbolic of a broken system. Whilst two million people are relying on food banks in the UK right now, influencer chefs are selling gold-plated steaks for more than £1,000. Steaks, and other red meats, that we know carry the highest environmental impacts,” reports Metro.

The Metropolitan Police went to the scene but confirmed that the protesters had already left the restaurant.

The Salt Bae restaurant, which opened just over a year ago, includes menu items such as a ‘Golden Burger’ for £100, ‘Golden Kafes’ for £500 and a ‘Golden Giant Tomahawk Steak’ which sells for a staggering price. from £1,450.

Soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola, reportedly cost up to £9 each.

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