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American Election: GOP frontrunner Donald Trump snubs Fox News in favour of fundraising for Veterans


Arguably the best known Presidential candidate of all time, and one of the strongest candidates ever, Donald Trump is leading the Republican ticket with incredible numbers.

Trump has single-handedly unbelievably created what the American press is calling “A people’s movement”, and it is getting more infectious by the day. His support and numbers just keep growing and growing and growing.

He is literally not just rewriting history, he’s making it up and making new records as he goes. His campaign is making Barack Obama’s campaign look like a college election. He is literally the most talked about person in the world.

The Donald got fired up yesterday when he decided to walk away from tonight’s second Fox News debate. They’ve been six Presidential debates so far already in this campaign season, and Trump has won all of them – in big style, quite an achievement for a man who is only a politician since July last year.

A row broke out between top Fox News anchor, Megan Kelly and Trump after she landed a “gotcha” question at the first Fox News debate questioning Trump on his comments towards the outspoken democrat-leaning Rosie O’Donnell. Trump dealt with the question sufficiently enough to win the debate, but has said categorically that he will not participate in tonight’s debate as a result.

He intends on raising thousands of dollars in another event, held at the same time, to benefit veterans who fought for the States but who most would admit have been treated abysmally by the Obama administration.

Trump has an incredible lead of 40% to just 19% for Ted Cruz, the number two in the race. Things will really heat up next week when the first of the voting takes place in Iowa, a State where Cruz was said to be a shoe in, it now looks like Trump will take it and indeed New Hampshire eight days later.

One thing is for sure, the world is watching and talking about Donald J Trump.

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