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Anonymous group send the Government a frighting video message



A video has appeared on YouTube two days ago of the alleged ‘Anonymous’ group claiming that the Government has been lying to the public.

The two minute video claims that the activist group has been watching as the Irish Water charges unfold. The group has stated to the Irish public to stand up and rise against the Government that has been lying to them and also claimed that it is not against the law to refuse to sign with Irish water.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube with the name Guy Fawkes, and the emblem used by the uncanny group of internet activist.

The international organisation have appeared in Ireland before. The group hacked the Fine Gael’s website in 2011 where 2,000 party supporters personal information was leaked.

Anonymous are describing themselves as a leaderless group and are people who come together online to stage protests.

“We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us,” are the final few words the mysterious Anonymous member speaks in the clip.

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