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Answers needed as US Intel community now claim that the Covid-19 pandemic originated in Chinese laboratory

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More and more questions as being thrust China’s way, with not many answers coming back.

Major mainstream media outlets have been forced to admit what they have been dismissing as a conspiracy theory for months is in fact the likely origin of the Covid-19 virus as US intelligence services are now confidant that the disease originated in a Chinese laboratory.

While the Chinese communist dictatorship and their ally, the World Health Organisation, continue to assert that the virus sprung from one of Wuhan’s wet markets the US intelligence community is now confidant it originated in one of Wuhan’s two virology laboratories.

Earlier this month it was also determined by intelligence services that the Beijing regime was lying about the scale of casualties and fatalities in the country from the Chinese virus.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology lab is now being eyed by intelligence services in the US and around the world as the likely origin of the virus which has killed thousands of crippled the global economy.

Sources have informed Fox News in the US that the wet markets explanation was used as cover-up for the supposedly accidental leak and that and that the outbreak could become the “costliest government coverup of all time”.

Chinese officials had first claimed that the only transmissions of the virus were from bat to human, with the WHO towing the Chinese dictatorships line without question despite being given evidence confirming human to human transmission of the virus by Taiwan in December.

Speaking about the revelations Senator Tom Cotton warned China’s leadership “must be made to pay the price” if it is confirmed the Covid-19 pandemic originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

Talking to Fox News Senator Cotton said:

“Since January, I’ve said it seems to be highly coincidental that this very contagious virus originated just a few hundred yards or maybe a couple of miles from laboratories where the Chinese Communist Party researches coronaviruses.”

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