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Anti-Water charge protest groups plan to hold more protests in July


According to various reports a number of Anti water charge protest groups have held a meeting to discuss proposals to hold another national day of demonstration.

It is understood that up to 60 groups from across the country have decided to join together, to voice their disapproval of the charges. Reports say that a number of people (in the region of 300) attended a public meeting in Dublin last night where they discussed proposals to hold a number of protests across the country and one large protest in Dublin City centre this July.

One of the protest leaders Paul Murphy Anti-Austerity Alliance TD believes that it is highly important that the campaign is held across the country. Mr Murphy said: “This is really a campaign to make sure that every part of the country has active local groups giving people the arguments why not to pay.” “People need to see that in their local community there are other people like them who are not paying and that gives them confidence to stick together. So we had a series of workshops about how that can take place across the country. People can fundraise and organise street meetings, public meetings and protests.”

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