Bertie Ahern comes out swinging: “It’ll be a Tory landslide in the British General Election as Jeremy Corbyn is the worst leader in living memory” – – Our News, Your Views

Bertie Ahern comes out swinging: “It’ll be a Tory landslide in the British General Election as Jeremy Corbyn is the worst leader in living memory”

Bertie Ahern has come out swinging against the UK Labour party when he weighed in on their upcoming General Election.

He said that Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbryn is the worst party leader in living memory.

Mr Ahern who has many critics both here and abroad seemingly showed no grace nor class when it came to openly criticising the British MP whilst speaking at question and answers session in Athlone, Co Westmeath recently.

In the rather brutal assessment of the Labour leader Mr Ahern claimed that the party had no chance of winning the next general election given his track record in British politics.

The former Taoiseach also claimed that it will be a landslide victory for Theresa May and Tory party in June, even though he predicts a strong performance by the Liberal Democrats.

Addressing the onlooking forum, Mr Ahern said: “There was always a strong anti Euro wing of the Tory party and they never gave up, they were chipping away at every leader since 1973.”

“The Labour party also had its Euro sceptics but to a lesser extent and I think that will be prove to be crucial, he added.

During the session the former Taoiseach who has taken the brunt for the fall of the Irish economy in recent years, also pledged​ his support to the Tory’s along with giving his assessment of the party and it’s former leader David Cameron.

Mr Ahern said: “David tried to unite the party through an in-out referendum.” Quite frankly we all make stupid mistakes, and that sure was one. He made a commitment that was fatal.”

He went onto explain that the former British Prime Minister would always be remembered for Brexit, although he did stress that the EU had a role to play too in its victory.

“I have some sympathy for him,” he said. “He set out to negotiate but made a hash of it but got very little help from Europe. In my honest opinion the EU should have given him a bit more.”

“The result of the referendum left everyone including the whole British system in the lurch.”

“We know what happened after that. Borris and all the other architects of Brexit turned on each other and gobbled each other up like large whales. And out of this comes Theresa in white, shining armour.”

Mr Ahern also claimed that Theresa May made a mistake by calling a snap general election as it will hamper the peace process in Northern Ireland, but the former Fianna Fail leader said he fully understands the move by the current Prime Minister, saying the election would give the party a stronger foot hold in parliament given that the other parties such as Labour and UKIP are in self destruct mode.

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