China and India continue to reject Western demands to condemn Russia's actions in Ukraine

China and India continue to reject Western demands to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine

Image source: Sky

Countries representing a majority of the world’s population have resisted U.S and Western pressure to vote in favour of the United Nations General Assembly resolution condemning Russia for its holding of referendums in four occupied Ukrainian provinces last month before annexing them.

China, India and South Africa all abstained from the vote to condemn Russia’s “illegal so-called referendums” in the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia” and its “attempted illegal annexation”.

The vote was carried with was carried by the necessary two-thirds majority of UN members, with 143 votes for, five against and 35 abstentions.

The abstentions spoke volumes however, particularly those of India and China, the world’s most populous nations and key trade partners for Russia.

Combined, the abstentions and No votes account for more than half the world’s population, a sign that Western global hegemony, particularly that of the United States is beginning to truly wain.

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