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shooting in pub


#1 Dublin Double Shooting – Gardai are seeking information on a shooting in Oil Can Harrys in Dublin at approximately 10pm on Sunday. Two men where injured.

#2 EBOLA – this is now effecting the harvest in West Africa causing the price of food to soar according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

#3 Chinese War on Terror – A news station has obtained access to China’s Xinjiang Province and have investigated reports Muslims are being targeted and oppressed by the Government.

#4 Scottish Jihadist – A young Scottish girl has travelled to  Syria to join Islamic fights and  incites bloody massacre on British streets 

#5 Ashya’s Parents – The parents of young Ashya who is currently seeking treatment for his brain tumor is being kept in isolation and away from his parents. They are pleading to see their son

#6 Nude Celebrities – The celebrity world is in fears as a new wave of leaks target more celebrities. The police believe the pictures could have been passed around for months within an online club

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