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#1 Thailand death: A full investigation has been launched in Thailand after an Irishman and a woman believed to be from the UK were found dead on a beach at one of the country’s island resorts. The pair were found with head wounds after attending a party on the island of Koh Tao, a popular spot for tourists and scuba divers.

#2 IS militants: A warning has been issued to raise awareness that IS jihadists are becoming increasingly active in Ireland. The warning comes in the wake of a Garda inquiry into a interview in the FM104 phoneshow hosted by Chris Barry during which a member of the public, Khalid Kelly, openly expressed support for the extremist organization. Gardai contacted the show afterwards and requested the recordings.

#3 Apartment blaze: Two small children and their mother were rescued from a burning apartment in Shankill Village, Dublin, by courageous neighbours who scaled walls and broke into the blazing premises to save the family. The father, who was not at home at the time, praised the neighbours’ efforts.

#4 Cork stabbing: 38-year-old man in serious condition in hospital after stabbing incident in Cork. The man was stabbed three times after a row around 1.30am yesterday morning, and was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries. He remains in a serious but stable condition.

#5 Back-to-work-scheme: Government ministers are drawing up plans to reward parents who leave the welfare system and return to work. Such scheme would allow a parent to take up a low-paid job and keep a welfare payment worth up to €30 per child a week.

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