Coffee Break Catch Up

Coffee Break Catch Up


Enjoy your coffee break by catching up on all the mornings top news every morning at 10:30

#1 – Murdered twins: A post mortem is to be carried out today on the bodies of the tragic case of the murdered 9-yr-old Thomas and Paddy O’Driscoll in Charleville, Co. Cork. Their old brother Jonathan’s body was found nearby.

#2 – Ebola: The World Health Organisation says the Ebola crisis could have been avoided. It says lack of contagion and bad facilities led to a major issue.

#3 – London: A 40-yr-old man was shot dead by police in North London last night after a standoff for a number of hours where he was threatening the life of a woman.

#4 – McDonald’s: A 47-yr-old man was arrest around 11pm last night after a botched attempted robbery in McDonald’s in Phibsboro.

#5 -ISIS: Ireland has the most Jihadists going to fight in Syria with 1,400 people originating from Ireland living there.

#6 – Joan: Tributes are flying in from around the world for the unmistakable Joan Rivers who passed away aged 81 yesterday evening.

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