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#1 WATER: The water charge starts today. This ‘immoral’ tax as it’s being referred to will mean an average levy of at least €42 a month to every household in the country.

#2 Jobs: Canadian company Optel Vision is to open it’s European headquarters in Limerick next year creating 140 jobs for the region in the process.

#3 Ebola: It has been confirmed that what initially was a suspected case of ebola in America has now been determined fact. The individual was said to not have travelled but is said to be the first domestic case of the life threatening disease.

#4 Islamic State: Allied forces are said to be a 40-strong coalition this week. The inclusion of the UK airstrikes has made the combat mission against ISIS much stronger.

#5 Peace: The US is said to be considering a move that will see their participate in peace talks for northern Ireland. The talks between British and Irish governments are said to now consider a representative from America taking part also.

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