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#1 Road crash: Two young men are in a serious condition in hospital this morning after the car they were traveling in crashed into a wall.

The accident took place at around 4am in Co. Meath today.

The occupants, two males aged 22 and 24, were taken to Cavan General Hospital with serious injuries.

#2 Alice Gross murder: Body found last night, believed to be that of main suspect Arnis Zalkalns, will be removed from Boston Manor Park today.

The body was found hanging in a wooded area, and though no formal identification has taken place, authorities believe it is indeed the main suspect in the case.

Zalkalns, a convicted murderer, disappeared from his residence in Ealing shortly after the Alice Gross went missing.

#3 Water charges: One in five say they will not pay their water bills, a new survey has revealed.

About 270,000 say they will not fork out for their water.

The most common reason for the refusal is ‘in principle’, followed by affordability issues, and water quality.

Bills will start coming through the letterbox on January 01, 2015.

#4 Post Office raid: Three men charged in connection with yesterday’s raid on a rural post office in Co. Donegal.

The trio will appear in Letterkenny District Court at 10:30 on Monday morning.

#5 Ebola: American Ebola patient currently hospitalized in Dallas is reportedly in a critical condition.

Thomas Eric Duncan, who brought the deadly disease from Liberia to the United States, is critically ill.

Medical authorities are monitoring a group of people whom Duncan was in touch with since he became ill. So far, none of them have shown signs of the deadly disease.

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