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Concerns for cash-in-transit workers as armed escort is cut


There are growing fears and concerns both for cash-in-transit and the workers carrying it, as the armed escort they used to enjoy has now ceased to operate.

Such armed presence had been there for the last 40 years, but has now been cut due to financial constraints.

There has been an ongoing row regarding the provision of security services. It is understood that banks have been paying for the escort themselves. Up until 2005, they had only partially paid for the Defence Forces escort.

But in 2005, an agreement was reached with the Irish Banking Federation whereby all their members would pay the total costs involved in the cash-in-transit operations.

Between 2005 and 2011, the Defence Forces received €49.5m for the provision of the extra security detail.

It remains unclear whether or not alternative arrangements will be made for cash-in-transit vans at this point.


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