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Damning review finds authorities failed victims of Muslim child rape gangs in the Greater Manchester Area

Image source: Manchester Evening News

Victims of a Muslim child rape gang in Oldham, England have received an apology from authorities after they repeatedly failed to take action against their abusers after a damning review of historical sex abuse allegations in the Greater Manchester area.

Other Muslim gangs who included the area of Rochford.

The Manchester Evening News reported that three years after being commissioned, a review into allegations of historic child sexual exploitation has found that children in Oldham were being exploited and let down by services which tried and failed to protect them.

The leader of Muslim child rape gang, Shabir Ahmed worked as a welfare officer in Oldham and despite being the subject of serious child sex abuse allegations was allowed to continue in his position without any sanction for over a year.

The review also found that Oldham council gave taxi driver licenses to men convicted or accused of serious sexual offences involving women and children with some suggestions by some media commentators that political correctness prevented the denial of licenses to these men as they were largely of an ‘Asian’ background.

In the UK, the term ‘Asian’ is commonly used to describe men of Pakistani or Indian background. As with child rape gangs in Rotherham, Oxford, Rochdale, Derby, Telford, Newcastle, Huddersfield etc. these men were almost exclusively Muslim and mostly of a Pakistani background.

The review, commissioned by Oldham council in 2019 and written by experts Malcolm Newsam and Gary Ridgway, looked at the way authorities have dealt with child sexual exploitation between 2011 and 2014, and one specific case dating back to 2005 is was reported by the Manchester Evening News.

The UK has been rocked by a never-ending stream of scandals involving predominantly Muslim men targeting non-Muslim English girls from working class backgrounds for sexual exploitation.

In 2018 Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said that “no major city in England and Wales” has escaped the blight of organised Muslim child rape gangs.

Most shockingly of all is the fact that authorities and the mainstream media were aware of this for years if not decades but refused to act, even when parents pleaded for help, for fear of being accused of racism by PC fanatics.

This allowed countless girls to be raped, prostituted, addicted to hard drugs and in some cases, even murdered while political correctness enforced a code silence.

Labour MP for Rotherham another town where Muslim child raping gangs were allowed to operate for years with impunity, Sarah Champion, has said that up to 1 million English girls are likely to have fallen victim to Muslim rape gangs as of 2016.

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