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Demand for taxis in Dublin tripled in November as experts fear Christmas chaos with driver shortage

The Christmas season has arrived and thousands of people will pour into Dublin city centre every day to meet up with friends and family.

Anyone who decides to use taxis to and from their location is cautioned to plan ahead as experts are predicting longer wait times for taxis due to increased demand due to the Dublin taxi shortage.

The total number of registered SPSV drivers in Dublin is around 8000, marking a drop of over 400 since 2020.

Despite the decline in driver numbers, customer demand has skyrocketed and weekly demand has already tripled since early November.

The peak week of Christmas 2021 fell between December 13-19, with an average number of passengers signing up ten times more than in an average week.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming festive season, Bolt Ireland COO Neil Cuthill said: “Unfortunately, we are expecting the current taxi shortage to be exacerbated in the coming weeks as the festive season approaches, with the wait times for taxis increasing due to skyrocketing demand. Factors such as office Christmas parties, family and friend get-togethers, and the ongoing FIFA World Cup will likely cause demand for taxis to triple from November levels, with estimated wait times likely to increase also,” reports The Mirror.

Here are some of the best tips for securing a taxi this Christmas.

Ahead of the Christmas season, Neil Cuthill said: ‘I would have several tips for those struggling to secure a taxi. Walk a few streets away from the busy points in town. For example, if you are on Harcourt Street, try walking a few streets away – even if it means a short walk to Rathmines. A driver is much more likely to accept a trip in a quieter location as there is less traffic and you are much easier to identify. Also, drivers know where the demand is, so if you walk away from the areas with all the pubs and clubs, there’s a good chance you will catch them when they are on their return journey from another fare. This is particularly useful for hailing a driver on the street,” reports The Mirror.

Be easily identifiable

“Avoid crowds at all costs. If a driver sees a sea of people on the side of the street where the app says you are located, they are going to find it incredibly difficult to identify you and are more likely to cancel the trip,” he added, reports The Mirror.

“If you’re trying to grab one off the street, the best thing you can do is position yourself on the left-hand side of the road on a street that is approaching a busy area. So say you’re somewhere in Ranelagh. You want to be on the main street, a little bit before you get to all the bars and pubs so you can nab that taxi first. While many drivers can accept card payments, it would be wise to carry enough cash in case there are any technical issues,” he continued, reports The Mirror.

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