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Don’t blame ‘Magaluf Girl’ – blame society


The ‘Magaluf Girl’ video is one of the disturbing things I’ve ever seen, it’s on a different level.

How on earth has society allowed such depraved behaviour into the realm?

I’m no moral soldier but people consistently say ‘oh if I was her father’, well what about one of the boys father? Their actions are as bad if not worse. The girl clearly was beyond disinhibition, and in my eyes they blatantly took advantage of her.

It’s a tough call, she’s drunk, yes – but we’ve all been drunk and even doing modestly ‘stupid’ things, there’s still a subconscious emergency break so there’s no real excuse for her either.

Having said all that, I think you have to gracefully grant all parties involved a pass for these reasons:

Essentially it’s down to a combination of an allowed degenerative society, mtv propaganda-led peer pressure, poor parenting, and a YOLO philosophy.

From what we’ve seen in the video, what all these sub-culture factors really add up to in actuality is a depressed, embarrassed girl living with public shame, and 24 boys who (unfortunately for themselves) have no concept of what being a real man truly is.

Everyone has made mistakes, this video is a result of circumstance and environment – but this level of shameless drunken debauchery has got to stop. Society doesn’t change by itself, people change it. Would you be happy if your child turned out to be any one of those 25 people? I wouldn’t either…

Shame, remorse, guilt – all factors of this video when it’s recording. It’s time to put away the camera phone and stop another person debasing their life.

YOLO – but make it a good once!

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