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Dublin Zoo welcomes three endangered red ruffed baby lemurs



Dublin Zoo said that it was delighted to announce the arrival of three red ruffed baby lemurs.

The birth of these lemur’s is extremely exciting for Dublin Zoo and important for the international breeding programme as the species is listed as critically endangered, due to agriculture, logging and mining activities across it’s natural habitat.

All three lemurs born were male. Dublin Zoo now have seven lemurs in total.

In the wild, lemurs are restricted to north-east Madagascar and generally live in groups of two to 16.

Excited about the new arrivals, Team Leader Ciaran McMahon said: “The birth of three babies in Dublin Zoo is hugely significant and definitely something to celebrate. We’re delighted to report that our new arrivals are strong and healthy and are noisily exploring their habitat on red ruffed lemur island”.

You can catch the lemurs first steps on RTÉ ONE’s The Zoo tomorrow evening (Thursday June 4) at 7 pm.

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