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East Wall protesters issue statement calling on communities across Ireland to join with them in resistance and urged the government to put issue of migrant plantations to a referendum

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The East Wall Protest Committee have issued a statement calling for the government to put their policy of flooding Ireland with so-called refugees to a referendum.

In the statement, the Committee also thanked those from around Ireland who are supporting the brave stance of the locals of East Wall and urged other communities across the country to follow their example.

The concerns of the people of East Wall have been dismissed by the government and derided by the media but this has only emboldened them to continue their protests.

On Wednesday it was reported that more migrants were being bussed into the old ESB building in the working-class community.

While the people of East Wall remain resolute, the people of Kil, Co. Kildare held their own protest against the migrant plantation in their community outside the Dail earlier this week while locals in Tallaght are rising up this Friday.

The release reads as follows:
As we enter our third week of protest we would like to thank all participants, media, commuters and the general public for, responding to what we are doing in such an open minded and thought provoking way.

The East Wall protest has set the benchmark for de-politicised debate around sensitive topics and thus a much needed National Debate is happening right now in almost every sitting room, radio station, media outlet, social media platform and the Dáil and Seanad.

It is now in the mainstream news cycles that hospitals, schools, doctors and other services are at breaking point. Our population demand is growing 3 times faster than housing supply.

The Government and entire Establishment class including all the State funded NGO’s have clearly gone rogue in order to maintain so called “international obligations”.

The people of East Wall have not forgotten the fact that we are a Sovereign, independent nation and that all power derives from the people and that in a democracy we have Government of the People, for the people and by the people, unfortunately that’s not what we now have.

We have shown that when the community itself feels threatened, taken advantage of, or ignored, and takes that brave step onto the streets we ultimately hold all the power, despite attempts by the media and politicians and indeed some of those elected to serve this community to portray us as right wing racists, the ordinary people right around the Country are supporting us in ever increasing numbers.

It is now the government that seeks a seat our table and not us at theirs. In their moment of weakness we will increase our activity.

Today the State has populated the building with men, women and children, these are clearly not new arrivals but have been brought there from other facilities this is a tactic by the State to attempt to neutralize our protest. Many have been taken from hotel rooms and now downgraded to a cubicle in an office block, how can this be right?

In light of the actions today by the State we will be not be meeting any more Political representatives until they accede to our demands. We will not be swayed by politicians setting up groups in the area to try and protect their own political base and distract from the key issue.

The Government claims that the people of Ireland support what they are doing, we say they don’t and we now call on the government to put the matter to the people in a simple referendum.

We call on the rest of the Nation to form community groups and stand up against this madness. Join us in our protest. make this government answerable to the people, stand with us and your community and shut this country down.

We understand what other communities are going through and we want to build on our successes so far. The Irish people deserve better than the recklessness of open borders, the transfer of the peoples wealth to hotel owners and other contractors.

Our protest will continue until further notice or until the Provision centre is closed down. Those affected by this action can raise their concerns directly with those responsible for bringing about this desperate situation.

Please contact your local representatives and the below to voice your opposition

Roderick O’Gorman: (01) 6642052 – [email protected]
Paschal Donoghue: (01) 618 3689 – [email protected]

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