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Elderly woman wakes up to find an 11ft alligator in her kitchen

Image Source: Clearwater Police Department

A Florida woman was given a fright she’ll never forget after waking up to find an 11ft alligator in her kitchen.

According to Spectrum News, the 77-year-old woman was given a shock when she found the giant reptile in Clearwater home.

The woman Mary Wischhusen told Spectrum that she awoke to a loud bang believing that there was an intruder inside her home.

However upon reaching the kitchen she found the alligator making its way through her home.

The surprised pensioner went on to say that she looked at the gator who thought it belonged there, before fleeting to her bedroom and calling police.

Although thankfully Ms Wischhusen was unharmed in the incident, she revealed that she was left hyperventilating after discovering the alligator.

It is believed that the alligator was eventually removed from her home by expert alligator handlers who took it to private location for it to recover.

The handlers say the alligator was left distressed following the incident given that it was obviously in an unnatural environment.

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