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Enoch Burke warned contempt may mean appeal not entertained as fines move towards €13,000

Secondary school teacher Enoch Burke has been warned that his appeal against High Court orders, including an injunction to stay away from the school where he works, may not be heard by the Court of Appeal as he is still ignoring the court.

The Court of Appeal met briefly this afternoon where the Presiding Judge, Justice George Birmingham, told Mr Burke that it should not be assumed that the Court would bring an appeal from someone who is still held in contempt, reports RTE.

Justice Birmingham said that a situation where the appellant had disobeyed court orders and said he would disobey them and yet was demanding orders from the other party to comply was indeed a very unbalanced situation which the court could not approve.

He also warned both sides that the matter should be addressed within a day or else there could be a significant delay before the court can reopen the case.

When the judge finished his speech, the three judges of the Court of Appeal immediately stood up and the hearing ended, reports RTE.

Earlier, Mr Burke was physically removed from the High Court by Gardaí for the second time after he attempted to raise an issue with the judge there.

This morning, Judge Brian O’Moore told Mr. Burke that he couldn’t just hijack the court list and that he hadn’t submitted the proper documents to file an application with the court.

Mr. Burke was then dragged out of the courthouse by the arms of three gardaís as he continued to protest.

His mother told the judge that God knew his wickedness.

Mr. Burke, who was joined by his sister Ammi and his mother and father this morning, told the judge he was seeking clarification on instructions issued last week about inaccuracies in the affidavits invoked by the Wilson’s Hospital school in previous hearings.

He continued to speak before the judge, accusing the court of delaying the matter so that his appeal of the restraining orders issued against him had to be adjourned.

Mr Burke’s appeal against orders given to his former school, Wilson’s Hospital in County Westmeath, not to enter the school, will be heard in the Court of Appeal this afternoon and heard on Thursday.

Judge O’Moore asked Gardaí to remove Mr. Burke as he continued to protest. He was dragged out of the courthouse by his arms by members of An Garda Síochána as he continued to hold onto the bench opposite him, protesting his removal, reports RTE.

His mother Martina told the Gardaí they had no right to remove her son from court.

His sister told the judge that Mr. Burke was treated differently than at the school. You said the school was allowed to submit an application without the required documentation. The judge said the school has never shown the level of disrespect Mr. Burke has shown the court.

He told Ms. Burke that if she didn’t listen, she would be removed too. But their mother said they would go. When she left Court 3, he told Judge O’Moore that he was “absolutely corrupt” and God knew he was wicked.

The judge apologized to an attorney who was trying to make motions when Mr. Burke started speaking.

Just over two weeks ago, the school’s attorneys told the court that there were “factual inaccuracies” in the affidavits made by the school’s board president during the injunction proceedings against Mr. Burke.

The inaccuracies concerned the original meeting at school, where a student asked to be called by a different name, using the pronoun “they”, reports RTE.

School attorneys said the then principal was not present for the substantial portion of that meeting, as initially claimed, and only one of the student’s parents was present.

Mr Burke’s appeal later this week is against orders issued by the High Court last year, including an injunction issued in September ordering him not to enter the school.

Judge O’Moore imposed a €700 daily fine just over two weeks ago, which he says will remain in effect as long as Burke continues to resist the injunction.

This fine is now almost 13,000 euros.

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