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Enough is enough: Calls for deportation of migrants after Citywest brawl #IrelandisFull

There have been calls on social media for the government to deport all those involved in a brawl at Citywest that saw men throw chairs and objects at each other, leaving three hospitalised and several others injuries.

No arrests were made, leaving to further anger from decent, concerned Irish citizens.

People are saying that if they’re like that in Citywest, what will they be like in our cities, towns and villages?

One social media user said about:

”There’s at least 800 migrants in Citywest and the Irish public are saying enough is enough. We have no idea what or who these people are, that brawl shows it.”

Gardai remained at CityWest as staff and migrants are said to be frightened following incredibly vicious scenes during a brawl on Monday evening.

Gardai rushed to the large migrant centre in Citywest, Dublin after a brawl broke out around 6:30pm.

It’s understood three people were hospitalised with non life threatening injuries while a number of other men received injuries that didn’t require hospital treatment.

Some staff members have been posting on social media that Gardai raced to the scene where tensions were at fever pitch with staff said to be shocked and scared.

Social media users are saying that the latest migrant fight is just another reason why the decent people of East Wall, Ballymun and beyond want migrants vetted and not freely planted in their communities.

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