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Environmental Issues Ireland Must Address

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Ireland has some serious environmental concerns that need to be addressed. These include pollution, climate change, and water pollution.

Thankfully, the government has made some strides in these areas. The challenges that are ahead will take much effort to conquer. Ireland will overcome these challenges, and it may even lead other countries in the fight.

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Pollution problems

Pollution problems are a big concern in Ireland, and much needs to be done. The most significant pollution source is using fossil fuels to generate electricity and heat in homes and businesses.

Burning these fuels can produce a range of harmful chemicals, including carcinogens and toxic fumes. These chemicals can also cause respiratory diseases and other health problems in people exposed to them.

Many industries in Ireland, particularly those heavily reliant on solid fuels, need urgent changes to reduce pollution levels. Air pollution can be linked to premature death, decreased quality of life, and increased medical costs.

What is being done to help reduce pollution?

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental concerns in Ireland, and it is also a significant health risk. It causes heart disease, lung cancer, and other illnesses and damages the environment.

The Government has committed to reducing air emissions through national, EU, and international agreements. This includes legally binding carbon budgets, which limit greenhouse gas emissions for each sector of the economy.

Citizens are helping to measure Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) pollution in their communities as part of a citizen science project called Clean Air Together. This initiative is a partnership between the Environmental Protection Agency and An Taisce. It could not have been possible without the support of people who volunteered to sign up and take measurements outside their homes, schools, or businesses.

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Offshore companies can be a big help.

Ireland is a popular destination for offshore company formation, and its corporate tax rate is some of the lowest in Europe. This, combined with its proximity to European markets, the availability of numerous double-taxation treaties, and a friendly regulatory environment, has made it an attractive place for international companies.

The Irish government has been pursuing a number of ambitious initiatives to reduce pollution and help the country reach its goal of cutting carbon emissions in half by 2030. These include the development of renewable energy, a national climate plan, and the 80 by 30 target to have 80% of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2030.

One of the critical elements of these strategies is to develop innovative solutions for offshore wind farms. A report recently published by global experts Bechtel outlines how the Shannon Estuary is uniquely positioned to support the Atlantic floating offshore wind industry and help Ireland reach its climate goals.

Currently, Ireland is host to over 1,000 offshore corporations. Many of these companies are working diligently to help reduce pollution. Below are two examples:

  • ExxonMobil operates offshore in Ireland 
    • Their primary environmental goal is to meet the ever-growing demand for energy in globally friendly and responsible ways.
  • Lottoland Ireland is another offshore company proving to be environmentally responsible. 

Offshore companies are growing dramatically in Ireland, and the benefits are impressive, to say the least.

What is the government doing?

Overcoming environmental and climate change challenges requires a whole-of-society approach sustained by long-term government commitment. This can be achieved through detailed, sector-specific road maps that outline desired outcomes and timelines.

The Irish government’s National Planning Framework (NPF) and National Development Plan 2040 both contain targets for sustainability in areas such as compact growth, renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport, and sustainable water management. These can help to accelerate the evolution of Ireland’s economy and society to a green, net-zero future.

The government is also preparing carbon budgets for each sector of the economy to ensure emissions meet Ireland’s 2030 target. These legally binding targets set out limits on greenhouse gas emissions in five years.


Ireland is a breathtakingly beautiful area. Globally, the world is facing environmental problems like global warming, air pollution, water pollution, overfilled landfills, and common products that are destroying the earth. It takes a change in the way businesses produce their products.  People must put more effort into using sustainable materials. We must use environmentally friendly fabric. We must opt for products that do not come in plastics. Even celebrities are buying clothing and furniture that can be repaired and reused. 


Society must be committed to creating and using natural and clean energy. Ireland is taking significant steps to resolve environmental concerns. If we all work together, we can accomplish this great task. Other countries can follow the lead of Ireland for a better today and a healthier tomorrow.

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