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“Fair play to them” – Rural Independents receive big praise after announcing motion to slash energy taxes and reduce bills

A government high on rhetoric and devoid of leadership – forcing people to pay the highest electric and heating bills in the EU, with average bills increasing by €800 this winter per household – is failing to safeguard the interests of all Irish consumers.

This crucial Dail motion, at a time of spiralling fuel and energy bills, gives every TD an opportunity to decide if they support reducing energy bills for ordinary people, or if they side with the establishment’s agenda of greenwashing and ratcheting carbon taxes, according to the Rural Independent TDs.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s energy motion debate in the Dáil, the Rural Independent TD for Cork South-West, Deputy Michael Collins, today (Tuesday 9th November) stated:

“Irish households, motorists and farmers are close to the financial brink, due to a string of rapid energy price rises this year. Meanwhile, all we hear from the government is illogical and lofty policies around climate action, that will do nothing to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions but will do everything to push those same energy costs through the roof.”

“While Michael Martin and Eamon Ryan hobnob and dine with leaders and bureaucrats at COP26, the Irish motorist is left to worry about how they can afford to pay for fuel to commute to work and/or transport their children to school. Petrol and diesel prices have jumped by a staggering 30 percent since March, yet we hear nothing from the government.”

“Thus, we are moving this private members’ motion, which calls on the government to take ten crucial actions aimed at substantially reducing the costs of home heating oil, electricity, gas, petrol and diesel, immediately and over the next twelve months, allowing time for a proper longer-term plan to be established.”

“For instance, my colleagues and I in the Rural Independent Group are seeking a cut on the VAT rates for diesel, petrol, gas, home heating oil and electricity to 5%; a reversal of the increase to the carbon tax; a new once-off energy voucher of €250 for all low income households and a cut of 50 percent to the excise duty on all motor fuels to the end of 2022.”

“It is bitterly unfair and deeply hypocritical for the government to lecture the public on using green energy sources, while at the same time benefiting from increased tax revenue from traditional fuels. For example, the 30 percent increase in petrol at the pumps (since March) means the government takes another 12 cents per litre. Cumulatively, this means that for every litre of petrol or diesel sold in Ireland, the government takes a whopping one euro.”

“The energy crisis brings major repercussions for every household, small business and farmer this winter. It is real and financially crippling. It requires meaningful and tangible state intervention. Even the unelected EU bureaucrats recognise this and have recommended member states to reduce taxes on energy products.”

“The Irish government have conveniently ignored the EU Commission’s message. We are quite sure that if the Commission were calling for increases in taxes, that the FF, FG and Greens would be the first to jump on the bandwagon.”

“To make matters worse still, research by the US Heritage Foundation predicts that energy costs for home heating and electric will likely double or triple by 2030 under the current renewable policy.”

“Notably, this government is drawing all of their climate policies from faceless global agencies, as well as domestic quangos, like the Climate Change Advisory Council. This process leaves out one important constituency: the general public.”

“Contrastingly, our motion puts the crippling energy costs and interests of the general public – front and centre – on the floor of the Dáil. High energy prices have deeply profound socio-economic consequences. Therefore, an immediate and meaningful state intervention is required.”

“This government have failed miserably to protect all Irish people from the pain of increased energy prices. The government’s failure, in this regard, is deplorable. Our motion, if implemented, would protect consumers, and put the interests of the public first. It will be up to all TDs to either vote in favour or against our motion. The time for smoke and mirrors must cease,” concluded Deputy Collins.

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