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Farcical: As homeless crisis worsens, Eamon Ryan is spending €290 million on walking and cycling projects

The National Transport Authority has allocated €290 million this year for local authorities to spend on walking and cycling infrastructure.

The money will be invested in nearly 1,200 active travel projects across the country, including separated bike lanes and widened sidewalks, new foot and bike bridges, and new pedestrian crossings.

This round of funding for walking, cycling and greenways infrastructure is part of a government commitment to spend €360 million annually on walking, cycling and cycling projects throughout the government’s term.

This includes funding 250 new local government jobs to further expand walking and cycling infrastructure across the country.

Encouraging a shift to more active travel is also a key element of the climate action plan.

Today’s €290 million allocation allows for the further development of 387 projects in Greater Dublin, 250 projects in other regional cities and a further 502 projects in rural Ireland, as well as new staff across all local authorities.

Major projects funded today include the Dodder Greenway between Herbert Park and Donnybrook Road in Dublin; a new pedestrian bridge over the M40 in Cork, linking to Tramore Valley Park; and linking the Waterford Greenway from Billberry to the heart of Waterford city.

Transport Secretary Eamon Ryan said the benefits of the investment announced today were immense locally and nationally to make our towns and villages greener and more liveable, whilst helping to reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions.

Minister Ryan also said existing transport plans for Galway city would not go ahead.

The construction of roads that would block a transport system that would prevent Ireland from meeting its climate goals could not continue, he said.

Mr Ryan said the national transport authority, local authority and his department must look into a new transport strategy for Galway, consistent with targets of a 50 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions this decade and achieving net zero emissions in the next three decades.

Mr Ryan’s comments come after the High Court sent the plan back aboard Pleanála on Monday to allow for review in light of the climate action plan.

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