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FF-FG: Is a minority government worthwhile?

08/05/2013 (L to R) Fianna Fail leader Michael Martin TD & Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD at the launch of Green Ribbon Mental Helath Awareness for the month of May launch at Government Buildings, Dublin. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

A minority government running the country will be a lot more effective than the usual political scene in Ireland. One of the main traits in a democracy is a healthy opposition. With a minority government, people within the Dáil will have more of a say. A minority government should be able to represent the majority of the Irish people more.

Co-operation could be good for our democracy, our country and for us. In the last five years, the country has been dealing with a homelessness crisis, housing crisis and a health service crisis. A fairer and more democratic Dáil might be able to introduce powerful and worthwhile legislation to reduce the effect these crises have on the people in Ireland.

With the likely hood of a minority government growing since the date of the election, both of the negotiating parties have been studying various other minority governments. Fianna Fáil have been using political scientist Tim Bale, who has shown Micheal Martin the workings of a government that means ‘in governance but not in government.’

Both parties will have looked at former Scottish Nationalist Party leader, Alex Sammond. In 2007, the SNP won one more seat than Labour in the parliament. The SNP went on to last the full term and won the next election easily.

Finally the deal is done between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, the next question is will it last the full term and what policies will they focus on first.


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