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Gardai say they’re on high alert for further rows between migrants and concerned citizens

Gardaí are on the alert for further violent protests against asylum seekers camping out on the streets of central Dublin, reports Breaking News.

After several days of incidents – including a fire at a tented camp near Sandwith Street on Friday – Gardaí’s public order unit was called to the scene of a protest on Mount Street yesterday.

Justice Secretary Simon Harris says the attack on Sandwith Street was “utterly appalling” and that the right to protest should never be threatened or intimidated.

The Taoiseach also condemned violent attacks on migrants as “malign opportunitism” that cannot be tolerated – adding that gardaí are investigating.

The Refugee Council of Ireland is demanding that asylum seekers be taken off the streets as a matter of urgency.

The current lack of homelessness means that some newly arrived refugees have to sleep outside until beds become available.

Labor Party leader Ivana Bacik described the government’s failure to accommodate asylum seekers as “outrageous,” reports Breaking News.

Integration Secretary Roderic O’Gorman said the situation was regrettable – adding that a significant number of beds were likely to become empty in the coming weeks.

Nick Henderson, Chief Executive of the Refugee Council of Ireland, said the scale of the aggression was a matter of great concern.
Mr Henderson told Newstalk: “While there were demonstrations outside Direct Provision centres in January and February, and indeed last years, there were walls separating people. Very uncomfortable people inside but there were walls, we’re now in a situation where there is nothing and people are in tents. People need to be taken off the streets as soon as possible for their immediate safety,” reports Breaking News.

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