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Garth Brooks begs Enda Kenny for one last ditch attempt


Garth Brooks last night offered to fly to Ireland this weekend to meet with anyone necessary to overturn the decision about not holding all 5 concerts.

The singer scrapped all his Irish concerts after local authorities denied permission for two of them.But after tense behind-the-scenes talks, Dublin City Council on Thursday put forward a compromise which would have seen the five shows go ahead – if two of them were matinees.

Within hours the singer responded by saying two daytime shows “cannot possibly compare” to a five-night straight run.Brooks had sold 400,000 tickets for the concerts.

His publicist Nancy Seltzer said: “To treat 160,000 people differently than all the rest who will be seeing the show the way it was meant and created is wrong. “He does not understand why it is once again put upon him to treat people less than they deserve to be treated and he still returns to why did they allow five shows to be sold and all these people to be disappointed.

“It is not his decision; it is, with the greatest of respect, the city council’s.”

Brooks, 52, offered to “swim, fly or crawl” to Ireland for a meeting with premier Enda Kenny to try and let the five shows go ahead.

Brooks said he’s not physically able to perform 5 shows to in three days, many people believe no singer would be.

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