George Hook doubles down on the rape comments that destroyed his career as he hits out at 'cancel culture'

George Hook doubles down on the rape comments that destroyed his career as he hits out at ‘cancel culture’

George Hook hits ‘Cancel Culture,’ double down on controversial comments he made about rape.

The former broadcaster, banned from Radio Newstalk in 2019 for making the comments on air, remains unapologetic for his views.

George, 81, appears on an episode of Virgin Media’s Eating with the Enemy tomorrow and reiterates the point that cost him his job.

He says: “There are no opinions any more. If everybody is afraid to say what they truly believe, then we are all in a bad way,” reports The Mirror.

He voiced his views around the time of a high-profile rape trial in Ulster and was later compared to convicted predator Harvey Weinstein by a media outlet.

A defiant George says, “I had, and it cost me my job, certain views that when we send our girls out we have a responsibility to tell them that if they have 10 vodkas they’re not in a good position to defend themselves against predatory males,” reports The Mirror.

Amid protests from his dinner partner, he continues, “Sure, I was angry as hell. The thing is I think there is a place for George Hook. It is incumbent on newspapers, radio, TV, to give the alternative view,” reports The Mirror.

He invites further controversy by linking transvestism to transgenderism, and then tells a story about wearing lingerie as a child.

When asked about feminism, he replies: “I had this affliction when I was a child of wearing’s underwear so I may be a feminist,” reports The Mirror.

Outspoken former rugby pundit reveals he voted no in referendum on abortion on religious grounds, but he agrees “passionately” with the Irish people’s right to choose.

He continues: “There have been some female rape cases in the past number of years where women literally did not know where they were,” reports The Mirror.

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