Good news at the pumps as AA says fuel prices are continuing to ease for motorists

Good news at the pumps as AA says fuel prices are continuing to ease for motorists

An AA survey shows that the average fuel price fell an average of about 10% in December.

The average price of a liter of petrol is now €1.60 per liter, down 17 cents or 9.8% from the previous month and the lowest average petrol price since September 2021.

The average price for a liter of diesel is now 1.74 euros, 22 cents per liter or 11.3% less than in November.

It also marks Ireland’s lowest price for diesel since February this year, the same month the war in Ukraine began.

AA Ireland communications chief Paddy Comyn said there was no clear indication of how long these prices will last, but they have given consumers a break from the ever-rising prices.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland programme, Comyn said the price of a barrel of oil is likely to rise again.

“We are starting to see that come back up again as there is news of the China economy opening up. And things like that will all increase the prices so we might see those rally back but for now it is a good time to fill the tanks,” he said, reports RTE.

Mr Comyn also said there could be changes in the new year that would affect prices.

The AA estimates that, on average, a diesel car will go about 850 km on a tank of fuel, compared to 700 km on petrol.

For this reason, although diesel is more expensive, the consumer will probably use less for the same average 17,000 km per year.

Most motorists have known for a few weeks that fuel prices have fallen significantly.

AA Ireland’s report, which compares November prices to what drivers are paying that month, crystallizes this awareness in quantifiable numbers.

Ashbourne Co Meath drivers, who spoke to RTÉ, were pleased. A student who put €50 worth of petrol in his car said it was a very welcome change.

“Its good for me, petrol being a lot cheaper. I get to drive around more and save money. Before petrol was really high and people were looking to sell their cars,” reports RTE.

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