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Government TDs block crucial Dail debate on energy security, says The Rural Independent TDs

83 TDs vote to block an emergency energy security debate, proposed by the Rural Independent TDs, despite government energy policies causing a severe energy crunch, pushing up inflation, and creating enormous uncertainty about Ireland’s economic future

Speaking from Leinster House, following the vote to block a Rural Independent proposal to have an energy debate, the Group leader, Deputy Mattie Mc Grath stated:

“On day one of the Dail returning after recess, it is despicable for a government that fails to provide energy security, now with the support of five regional independent TDs to blatantly vote to block a crucial debate on Ireland’s energy security.”

“With no guarantee that the lights will be kept on in Irish homes this winter, it is grotesque and completely tone-deaf for FF, FG, and Green party TDs, together with five regional independents to purposefully vote to block an emergency Dail debate on Ireland’s energy security.”

“How could regional independent TDs, Cathal Berry, Noel Grealish, Verona Murphy, Peter Fitzpatrick, and Michael Lowry all vote to support the government and block this debate, at a time when Ireland is now categorised as the most energy insecure country in Europe.”

“Voting to block such a debate gives the proverbial finger to the energy crisis and its impact on families, at a time when our energy security and policy are worse than at any time since independence. We simply do not have the energy we need and are forced to take what we can get and pay exorbitant prices for it.”

“Perhaps it is little wonder that the government would block a debate and limit scrutiny on their fantasy-style green energy policies, which are built on the hopes that the wind will blow strong this winter, rather than accept the reality that around 87 percent of all our energy stems from fossil fuels.”

“That is why, I have been demanding an urgent Dail debate on energy security, supply, and price, in my capacity as a member of the Dail’s Business committee. The government has resisted this debate at every turn, despite their policies moving the country blindly towards rationing of energy.”

“This government’s failed ideological approach of putting all our eggs into one basket, namely renewables, is causing serious ramifications for the entire country. Thus, the energy policy direction taken by this, and previous governments, has made blackouts much more likely this winter.”

“Take, for instance, this government’s stance against coal generation, the importation of liquid natural gas, future oil and gas exploration off our coast, and the burning of one of our indigenous fuel supplies – turf.”

“Be under no illusion, all of these policy decisions, for narrow politically induced reasons, have reduced our ability to have a much-needed broad mix of energy generation options available, at the lowest possible price for the consumer.”

“If the lights go out this winter, it is the government’s policies that will be the cause. They will righty be unforgiven. Blocking a Dail debate on energy security amid a national emergency is completely unforgivable,” concluded Deputy Mc Grath.

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