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Great X (pectations): Apple unveils the new iPhone X which comes with a hefty price tag

It has been talked about by tech enthusiasts over the past few months with much hype around its arrival, but now Apple have officially announced the arrival of its new iPhone.

The global brand which has been struggling to hold ground in the smartphone market in recent months have officially announced the new phone named the iPhone X.

Unveiled at its base in California Apple chiefs showcased the new phone which is set cost customers here more than a €1,000.

The new phone which was released as part of its ten year anniversary will feature some pretty unique features including a state of the art facial recognition software that can read a users entire facial expression.

Amongst other features the new phone combined with the facial recognition software an user can create their very own emoji using the purposely created animoji software that tracks a users facial expression through the vast number of sensors mounted in the devices 4k all screen display.

The device will also be without Apple’s trademark home button, although it will support wireless charging through a specifically designed dock.

Apple say the device is a major step up on its traditional devices and it will a whole host of unseen features that will more than please loyal fans.

However the iPhone X wasn’t the only device released on Tuesday as the company also released the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus which will reportedly have significant upgrades on its predecessor.

Although Apple have had a pretty good fan base with the iPhone in recent years, the release of the iPhone X will have a major bearing on the company’s future landscape as the hefty price tag may encourage loyal fans to switch their attentions to android operated phones such as Samsung and the newly resurfaced Nokia brand which are considerably cheaper.

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