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Harris describes plans to cut payment rates for Ukrainian refugees as ‘fair’

Simon Harris has referred to plans to lower payment rates for all Ukrainian refugees residing in state housing as “fair” and in keeping with “best practice,” reports Breaking News.

In the next three months, the allowances of Ukrainian refugees who fled to Ireland in 2022 and early 2024 will be reduced from the job seekers’ rate of €232 per week to €38.80.

The government is anticipated to approve the proposals on Tuesday after reviewing the document, reports Breaking News.

This implies that a large number of the 100,000 immigrants who came to Ireland in the first two years of the conflict will get the same benefits as those who entered after March when the government cut the rates for newcomers.

Speaking on his way into Cabinet, Simon Harris said: “It doesn’t seem sensible to me that you could have two children from Ukraine at the same school today in a very different system of treatment for one person’s family versus the other. There needs to be a consistency of approach,” reports Breaking News.

Obviously, we have many people from Ukraine in our country. Many of them are working and making a valuable contribution to business right across Ireland, all of them with a legal entitlement to work. I think we need to see that consistency of approach in relation to welfare and we need to make sure the system is financially sustainable,” he added, reports Breaking News.

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